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Handcuffed by Her Hero Launch Party Giveaway #4 - Reggie Alexander, Kasi Alexander and Cassidy Browning

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Nikki Sutherland can’t believe her luck. She’s won an all-expenses paid trip to the BDSM resort Clifftop Fantasies to co-author a book with her idol, erotic romance author Candee Appelbaum. Unfortunately, Candee is really a man—a very good-looking man—named Kane Harris. Another gorgeous hunk, Dante Hunter, is also at Clifftop to market the resort owner’s new cookbook, Stealth Veggies. The guys are both younger than her and way out of her league—or so she thinks. Even worse, Kane is a wisecracking eccentric with a skewed fashion sense and an odd taste in music who writes late at night with a bottle of wine. Dante likes to do his thinking during yoga or biking, things Nikki hasn’t done in years. Nikki’s journey teaches her the difference between reading hot, sexy ménage scenes and living them with the two best-looking guys she’s ever met. Can she handle the Writes of Submission?


“This yoga stuff might not be too bad. Remind me of the rules. What word do we all take a shot on?” 

From her downward dog position Nikki glanced under her elbow toward Kane. He was doubled over, as she was, his ass in the air and his palms planted on his yoga mat, but his face was turned toward her. As she looked, he exchanged a grin with Dante. 

“No shots.” Dante’s voice was smug. “I told you this would be fun. The poses will get even more interesting in a minute.” 

“Now I just need an umbrella drink and a long straw.” 

Nikki rolled her eyes as Dante said, “Okay, now walk your hands back and touch your toes.” 

“I’d rather touch my knees,” Kane said. “They’re a lot closer.” 

“That’s fine.” Dante’s voice was muffled and Nikki looked to see that his face was firmly planted between his knees. His hands reached around to clasp behind his calves. 

Nikki got a firm grasp of her ankles and held the pose for a minute, feeling muscles she hadn’t spoken to in years making their presence known. 

“Kane, I have an idea,” she gasped out. 

“Why don’t you donate a hot tub to Clifftop? Like today? I think we’re going to need it.” 

“I will take that under consideration.” His voice sounded too high and too amused for him to be in as much pain as she was, Nikki thought. She twisted to look behind her and caught him standing, a wide smile on his face as he stared at her ass. 

When he met her gaze, his smile faded and he cleared his throat. 

“Good workout, Dante. I can already feel the blood pumping through my brain, filling it with all kinds of new ideas. Shall we open a bottle of—” 

“It’s only been three minutes.” Dante cut him off. “We haven’t even started yet—and I don’t think it’s your head that’s getting most of the blood, dude.” 

As Dante plopped himself down on the mat and spread his legs, Nikki noticed the bulge in his crotch. It was really quite large, she thought, tilting her head to consider. Guys didn’t wear cups to do yoga, did they? Could that be all him? If so, Dante must be half horse, she thought. 

He met her eyes and Nikki realized that he could tell she was looking at his junk. Her face burning, she pulled her eyes away and concentrated on arranging herself in a similar position. 

“Ah. Okay. At least we’re sitting down now. This is more my speed. Why didn’t we start here?” Kane nodded and lowered himself to the floor. 

“At least it’ll be less embarrassing when I pass out, I guess. Although the view isn’t as good.” 

Dante leaned forward, putting his elbows on the floor in front of him. Nikki tried to follow his example, although she only managed to rest her hands on the floor. 

“It’s not so bad from this angle,” Dante said. 

Nikki followed his gaze and saw that her cleavage was now on full display, bulging over the edge of her tank top. 

“Wait, what am I missing?” Kane scooched forward, looking between Nikki and Dante. 

“We’re stretching,” Dante told him. “Put your head on the floor in front of you.” He demonstrated, reaching out his hands even farther. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Kane sat back up, staring at him in horror. 

“You expect me to do that? It hurts just watching you.” 

Nikki gave it an attempt, but only managed to lean forward a little. She groaned. “I didn’t know I was getting so stiff.” 

“Getting a little stiff myself, here,” Kane said. Nikki looked over to see that he was leaning much farther up than she was, but his head was turned so he could stare past her arm at her breasts. 

She wasn’t sure how she felt about that. He had the grace to look a little embarrassed, at least, but her first instinct was to feel insulted. Then she remembered she’d just been staring at Dante’s crotch. Maybe it was the influence of this place. There were naked pictures all over the place and very suggestive sex equipment lined the walls. 

“Is that Allie in those photos?” she asked Kane to distract him from staring at her. She couldn’t possibly be at her best splayed out on the floor like this. 

“Most of them, I think.” Kane turned obligingly to follow her gaze. “Nice, aren’t they?” 

Nikki felt a pang of jealousy. Or sciatica. She wasn’t sure exactly which. 

Dante raised his head from the floor and looked, too. “Yeah. Sexy. Okay, right foot to left thigh, please.” He leaned back down over his leg, bringing his lips to his knee. 

Nikki groaned again, grateful at least that the topic of Allie’s sexiness had been changed. It probably should have given her motivation to work harder, but all it really did was make her yearn for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, a comfy couch, and an old movie on television. 

“Nikki, if you see me kissing my own knee like he is, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Just call 911, because I’ve fallen from a great height and need help.” Kane was looking ruefully down at his leg as if it was deliberately embarrassing him. “Immediate help.” 

“I’ll keep that in mind.” She chuckled. “You’d better at least try this, though, or Dante may help with that fall.” 

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Everybody is curious about co-writing a book, but very few people have the guts to actually give it a try! In our latest book, Writes of Submission, we tried to include a lot of the ups and downs of our own co-writing experiences. From the "Were we even in the same room?" to the "Okay, you can make the hero this way if you agree to this concession," we've included a lot of the fun and frustrations of writing together. All six of our books have been co-written, with each of us taking certain scenes, and then me (Kasi) combining them into one (I hope!) voice. We are shortly (hope I'm not spilling any secrets here!) going to begin a series we've been planning that will be co-written with Marla Monroe, so that'll be even more people with their fingers in the pie! Wish us luck and keep an eye out - we'll be posting updates and teasers on our blog,!

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One ebook copy of "Writes of Submission" by Cassidy Browning. Just comment and fill out the rafflecopter to be entered. 


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