Monday, April 15, 2013

A Completely Dorky Diversion for you Tax Day Blog Hoppers...

Well, HELLO to everyone who's stopping by my wicked corner of the world, whether it's your first time or perhaps swinging back in to see what naughtiness I'm getting into today.

Okay, let's face it. It's April 15th, Tax Day--so we all have MORE than a little reason for wanting to be naughty! After the bad news I got at my tax appointment this year, I'm ready to blow off a little steam with some mindless entertainment. How about you??

I thought I'd be silly today, yet perhaps a bit useful to some readers. From time to time, I get messages from people who are wondering not about the main characters in my stories, but the minor ones, as well. They want to know if certain faces or celebrities were running through my head when I created them. I'll be honest, the answer is usually: YES! I write from a very visual place...scenes unfold in my head with the room (or the dungeon!) fully furnished and populated with the characters--and it's been so fun for me to know that people are curious about what I saw when I created certain people in the books.

With no further ado, and in no particular order, I hereby present Angel's Honor Roll of "Supporting Actors and Actresses!" 

From "Three-Part Harmony":
The characters I always get asked about from this book are that oh-so-hot threesome, Mary, Raife and Phillip. I also get asked if I'm planning on a book about them any time in the future. The answer is...yes. As a matter of fact, there's some interesting back story between Phillip and Josh Pennington (David's brother). Hmmmm!

MARY was always envisioned as a little pixie, kind of a kinkyTinkerbell.LOL! I found a perfect physical inspiration for her in Hayden Panettiere, whom everyone now knows from the hit "Nashville." At the time I was writing the book, she was just finishing up with "Heroes." I've always loved her talent. 

For RAIFE, I thought the stunning Greg Vaughn was perfect. I think he's way too neat and pretty when he's on his soap opera, but man, when you bust him off that set and roughen him up a!

PHILLIP was originally going to be a younger David Beckham, but then I was dinkin' around on line one day, and happened across this GOD of a man on a modeling agency site. He's identified only as "Steven L." Sweet goodness, have I had fun trying to figure out what the "L" stands for. How about LORD have mercy, you are one beautiful man!

From "Permanent Marker":

I've been floored by the reception everyone has given my gorgeous golden god of a Dom,Mark Moore, in this book. But I'll let you in on a little secret: the man's security team lead, Brandt Howell, quickly ran away with my heart, too. All those rippling muscles. All that cowboy charm. Both those yummy dimples. GAH! I found a perfect representation of Brandt in the gorgeous and talented Chace Crawford. Ohhhh yessss.....

From "Star of Wonder:
Sometimes, all you need is a cameo. I guess that really held true in the case of Celina's boss at the Chicago JAG office, Commander George Threshan. Or, as Cel and her friends affectionately call him, PFG (for "Prince Fucking Gorgeous"). When I found the jaw-droppingly FINE Cameron Mathison to be his physical inspiration, I seriously regretted not writing a bigger part for him.

From "Saved By His Submissive":
I was fascinated when people started messaging me about the book's BAD guy, King. First, despite his back story, the guy goes only by one name during the chronological course of the book. But what fascinated me the most is exactly how divergent different people's mental images were of him! One reader begged me for a an actual picture of him because she kept envisioning Ken Jeong, "Mr. Chow" from the Hangover movies, and she couldn't stop giggling. Someone else told me he scared the crap out of her, and she pictured someone like a young but evil Bruce Lee. The actual actor who won my mental casting call for King is the very talented Chin Han, who's been in about a thousand great movies, and is considered one of Asia's finest actors. 

So...share thoughts! Would love to know if your mental images matched mine. Or...if you've ever read a book, then seen it cast for a movie, and had the Director's choice match yours, or not? It's such an interesting thing to me, what kinds of pictures words paint in all our heads. It's one of the most exciting things about being a writer AND a reader, don't you think?



  1. They look like great choices!
    Thanks for sharing the eye candy. ;)

    1. You are SO welcome, Tina! It was my pleasure. *grinnnn*