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To me, the best part about a romance is, of course, a drool-worthy hero. Well, for my Loose Id Romance "Three-Part Harmony," I couldn’t be happy with just one. Dasha Moore is a lucky woman—she gets two incredible men to help guide her journey into the world of erotic submission.

I thought you might enjoy getting to know David and Kress a little bit better here. (For some fun background information on them, please visit my website:

With no further ado, it is my pleasure to bring out Mr. David Pennington and Mr. Kress Moridian! Please give them a warm round of applause! 

DP:         Thanks Angel. Happy to be here. *Adjusts his designer tie*
KM:        Do you have any coffee? It was a late night. *Exchanges meaningful snicker with David*.

Angel:So how's it going these days with Dasha? What are you 3 up to besides a lot of kinky trouble?

DP:         All three of us are doing great! We finished the tour with no more incidents or insane fans going after Dasha, and now we’re settling into our new house in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, before getting started on the European leg of the tour.
KM:        *Snorts*. I’d prefer to talk about the kinky trouble.

Angel: Have either of you had any free time to read? If so, what's on your nightstand?

DP:         Angel, as you know, we don’t keep BOOKS on the nightstand. *Chuckles*. But I’m a big Jack Reacher fan, so there's usually some Lee Child around.
KM:        I just re-read my favorite volume of Keats.
DP:         *Shakes head*. You’re so fucking weird.
KM:        Bite me, asshat.  *Glances at Angel with his incredible tawny eyes* Did you say there was coffee round here somewhere?

Angel: *Hands Kress a steaming cup of coffee and momentarily gets distracted by his very large, powerful grip.* So…any place on the planet you'd like to travel to that you haven't been to already?

DP:         We’re going to Australia for the final leg of Dasha’s next tour. I’m excited about that.
KM:        I’ve never been anywhere unless it was for missions when I was in the military. I’m psyched about it all. *Brightens up a little, the caffeine clearly setting in.*

Angel: So other than Dasha, who's your biggest celebrity crush?

DP:         We just ran into Lady GaGa at the recording studio the other day. Dasha laughed her ass off at me. I was pretty smitten.
KM:        Yeah, you were pretty hysterical, dude.
DP:         *Elbows Kress*. Shaddup. Like you weren’t when we saw Taylor Swift at that smoothie place? *Shakes head*. Fucking cradle robber.
KM:        She’s gorgeous!
DP:         She’s an infant!
KM:        *Turns to Angel*. Despite what you may think, my answer to your question is Keira Knightley.
DP:         *Nearly spits out coffee*. Whaaat? You’ve never mentioned her ever!
KM:        *Actually squirms*. That’s because…
DP:         Holy shit. You really like her!
KM:        *Coughs* Next question!

Angel: What’s one thing completely pisses you off?

DP:         Oh, this is a perfect question. The other day, we were in the security line—the VIP one—at LAX. This asshole comes running up, jumps to the head of the line and starts spouting shit about how sorry he is, but he needs to go to the front because he’s late and he’ll miss his plane. Late people definitely piss me off.
KM:        *Glares at David*. People who call me a cradle robber when I’m just being nice to Taylor Swift piss me off.
DP:         Drink your coffee.

Angel: Boys…be nice. The last thing you purchased?

DP and KM, answering together with grins:   The house.

Angel: The first thing you think about in the morning?

DP:         Sex.
KM:        Sex.

Angel: *Shaking my head*. OK, I guess I should’ve expected that one. So, do either of you wear any jewelry on a regular basis? If so, what is it?

DP:         If my watch counts, then it would be that. Don’t go anywhere without my Tag.
KM:        *Lifts medallion out from under his T-shirt*. My mom gave me this medallion of Joan of Arc when I entered the Army. I barely take it off. *Smiles softly*. It means a lot to me.

Angel: What were you doing last night at midnight?

DP:         Coming home from a gala thing with Dasha.
KM:        *Smirks*. Setting up and getting ready for the two of them to come home.
DP:         Yeah. You did a good job, man.
KM:        I did, didn’t I?
DP:         Hell, that was fun.
KM:        I think Dasha agrees…

Angel: Boys! FOCUS!

DP:         Sorry, Angel.
KM:        It was fun…

Angel: OK, You get to have one super power. What is it?

DP:         *Grins stupidly*. Well, based on last night, I’d say the ability to tie knots faster.
KM:        That’s not a super power, you idiot. That’s just a skill—one I happen to be good at. *Throws his grin back to Angel*. X-ray vision, for sure.

Angel: Vampires or werewolves?

DP:         In what context?
KM:        Does it matter? Werewolves for sure.
DP:         *Grimaces*. Major grooming issues, dude. Vampires.

Angel: Every year on your birthday, you get to re-live the best 30 minutes of the last year of your life. If today was your birthday, what time span would you pick?

DP:         Easy. That interview Dasha and her dad had with Anderson Cooper from CNN. To see the senator finally come around and reconnect with her…fuck. *Misty gaze*. That was cool.
KM:        I’d have to say the second I knew I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to you guys. *Fist bumps his friend*. It’s been a great ride, man. Thank you.
DP:         Speaking of rides, I think it’s time we got back to Dasha, yeah?
KM:        Amen, brother. Amen.

Thanks so much, you two! Check out more of David and Kress’s adventures with Dasha in THREE-PART HARMONY.

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